BHE Week Nine: Awareness of Your Energy Fields

Having activated the flow of energy in the extraordinary meridians and established a connection between heaven and earth so that your energy is easily refreshed and renewed, it is now time to move into awareness of your energy fields.

Structuring Your Sessions

Do all of the exercises you have focused on so far in this course before spending the rest of your practice sessions focusing on this week’s exercise – awareness of the energy fields.


The following video shows the focus exercise for this week.  Do as many repetitions of this simple exercise as you want to/have time for in your session.


Additional details about the exercise

This is a very simple but important, enjoyable and rewarding part of this series of exercises.  Having completed the preparation exercises, stand quietly and with your mind review the movement of energy you stimulated.

Start by being aware of the movement of energy in your dantien, swirling warm and comfortable.  Expand your awareness of this energy to fill your entire body, right to the top of your head, ends of your hands and feet.  Become aware of the circulation of energy up your spine and down the front of your body in a loop.  Next become aware of the circulation of energy around your waist in the belt meridian. Become aware of the movement of energy up and down your arms and legs, feeding into the energy circulation in your torso.  Finally pay attention to your connection to heaven and earth through your feet and with your arms by your sides, the top of your head, with this energy refreshing, renewing and feeding in to the flows of energy in your body.

All this movement of energy stimulates your energy fields.  As you work on awareness of your energy fields just go step by step.  Work on one layer until you can feel it before moving on to the next – it is important to not overextend at this stage.  It is ok if this takes more than a week for you to become aware of the full extent of your energy field.

First you will want to become aware of your physical energy, just beyond the surface of your body.  Initially you may only be aware of this to a few centimetres or inches from the surface of your body.  As you continue to circulate energy the energy will become stronger in the field and extend further from your body.  The exact distance will depend on the individual and how they are functioning but for most people will be somewhere between 1 ½ feet and 1 ½ metres (yards).  Once you have good awareness of this layer of your energy field extend out into the layer of emotional energy which extends out to between 2 and 2 ½ metres.  Next extend your awareness into the layer of mental energy which extends out to about 4 metres or more for most people when their energy systems are functioning well.  Finally, be aware that your energy continues to radiate out beyond the limits of your energy field.


Where ever there is energy, its effects spread into the area around it.  Where ever there is mass, there is a gravitational field around that mass.  Where ever there is electrical energy, there is a magnetic field.  Whenever something is warm, the heat radiates into the environment around it.  Whenever something moves, it creates waves and vibrations – sound, breeze etc around it.

The combined activity of all the energy in our body creates a field around it.  You can think of this field a bit like a flame from an old style lamp.  The lamp and wick would be the body, the flame is the field around the body that results from it being alive or alight.

This field has layers much like the flame changes colour at different distances from the wick.  Also the field has a limit, the energy reaches beyond this but it is no longer held together in a defined shape.  This is much the same as a flame, from which the light and heat can be seen and felt well beyond the limits of the flame itself.

The size of a flame will vary depending on how well it is burning, similarly our energy field will vary in size depending on how well we are functioning energetically.

Note: there are different ways of conceptualizing and dividing layers of the energy fields.  The way described above is particularly suitable to this set of qigong practices.  Other conceptualizations of the energy fields are discussed in the qigong theory course.