BHE Week Eight: Connecting to Heaven and Earth – Part One

This week our focus is on connecting to the energy of heaven and earth and feeling its flow within us.

Structuring Your Sessions

Do all of the exercises you have focused on so far in this course before spending the rest of your practice sessions focusing on this week’s exercise – connecting to heaven and earth.


The following video shows the focus exercise for this week.  Do as many repetitions of this simple exercise as you want to/have time for in your session.


Additional details about the exercise

This week’s exercise is very simple, yet very challenging.  Holding your hands above your head for extended periods can be quite difficult, particularly if you have stiff or weak back muscles.  When you are working on this exercise, hold your hands up for as long as you comfortably can, then lower them and have a rest before raising them again.  The point of the exercise is not to make you uncomfortable, but for you to be able to focus and begin to experience the connection between heaven and earth.

To be with it is helpful to focus on the flow in just one direction at a time and use your breath to help with the awareness.

Start out by imagining you are breathing in through the soles of your feet, drawing energy up through the centre of your body and then as you breath out, discharge the energy into the sky through your raised hands.  After practicing this for awhile you can imagine you are breathing energy in through the palms of your hands through the centre of your body, and then as you breathe out, discharging the energy into the earth through the soles of your feet.  You may notice that the energy from the earth feels a bit different from the energy from the sky.  Generally the energy from the earth will feel cooler, more solid and more magnetic.  The energy from the sky will feel warmer, and more like light.

Once you are comfortable with your awareness of the flow of energy in each of these directions, become aware of the flow in both directions at the same time.  In this way you become a conduit between heaven and earth, caught in the flow between these two great powers.


As mentioned earlier, at least part of the effect and benefit of this exercise is obtained by the difference in electrical potential at different heights above the surface of the earth.  With practice we can tap into this electrical difference and use it to produce flow within our body.  This influx of energy refreshes and renews the energy centres and circulates in the extraordinary meridians we have been working with in this series of exercises.