Instructor Certification Payment Policy

Online Instructor Certification Courses

The online instructor certification courses are offered on a Give Freely Receive Freely basis.

This means that as part of my wish to share qigong with as many people in the world as possible, there is no set charge for these certification courses, so that people of all levels of financial means are able to access them, and in turn start to share qigong with others. It is up to you to decide how much you want to, or can afford to pay for certification.

When making use of ‘Give Freely, Receive Freely’, it is important to understand that there are certain laws in the universe that keep it in balance. You will find that you tend to receive in proportion to how freely you give. It has certainly been our experience that those who give more for their qigong instructor training tend to get more in return. They stay more focused throughout the course of their training, gain more understanding and benefit from their practice, and go on to become more successful as instructors afterwards. How much you pay in return for the instructor certification course reflects not only the respect you have for the value of the work undertaken to provide you with the training, but your respect for yourself and the time you put in to your training as well.

So I suggest you consider the following points when deciding how much to pay:

  • How much do I need to pay to respect the work that has gone into offering this course?
  • What would I pay for a similar course offered with a set price?
  • What can I afford? (your payment will be respected, whatever your financial means)
  • How much do I need to pay to respect myself in taking this course?

Payment is due before commencement of the course as part of your commitment to yourself to stay focused on your study and practice. If for some reason you would also like to give more during or on completion of the course, you are welcome to do so at any time.

The easiest way to arrange payment is usually to use one of the Paypal buttons on the Donate page here. There are options to make a one off payment of an amount of your choice, or several options for automatic weekly payments. If this is not suitable for you for some reason, contact us and we will make alternative arrangements.

You can read more about Give Freely, Receive Freely here if you are interested.

Intensive Live Training

Due to the high fixed costs of running intensive live training courses, these often need to have a set price to meet these costs. However, these may be available on a Give Freely Receive Freely basis from time to time.