Emotional Alchemy – Using Sound To Clear Emotional Blockages

In this special mini course we are going to explore using sound vibration to massage our internal organs and clear tension and blockages that relate to different emotions. There are several videos to help you learn, not just how to do the practice, but also how the practice works so that you can understand what you are doing and get the most out of it.

The human body and mind is fascinating, and our instinctual responses give deep insights into relationships between how different things operate inside us. I hope you enjoy this little peek into some of these connections between instinctual behaviour and your emotional health and wellbeing, and find the practices interesting and practically useful.

Introduction to Emotional Alchemy Using Sound

Benefits From Emotional Alchemy Sound Practice

How Does Making The Sounds Work?

To help you remember how to do this practice,  as a quick reference I have listed the different sounds used. The sounds are usually used in the order listed. You can also follow along with the practice demonstration video.

Sound Pronunciation Organ Emotion
Eeee as in tree, or sea kidneys fear
Errr as in tiger, or grrr liver anger
Ahh as in car, or spa heart joy
Ohh as in show, or hope spleen worry
Mmm as in him, or trim lungs grief
Uuuh as in shoe, or true Circulation harmonization

Practice Demonstration Video – Emotional Alchemy With Sound

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