Long White Cloud Qigong’s online courses are offered on a Give Freely Receive Freely (GFRF) basis. This means it is up to you what you pay in exchange for the value you receive from the courses. If you are interested you can read more about GFRF here.

The easiest way to make your GFRF contribution is by using the buttons below for either weekly or one off payments according to what is most convenient for you.  All payments are processed by Paypal and you can use any major credit card or a Paypal account to do this.  If for some reason you cannot use Paypal, please contact us to arrange an alternative payment method.


Weekly GFRF: This allows you to make a recurring weekly payment, you can cancel at any time.  You can choose a weekly amount from the drop down box below.

One Off GFRF:  This allows you to make a single one off payment to support Long White Cloud Qigong.  You enter the amount you would like to donate on the page that opens after you click on the button.