You may have noticed that there are now passwords on many of the pages of the Long White Cloud Qigong website.

For several years all of the Long White Cloud Qigong online courses have been offered on a Give Freely Receive Freely basis. It takes a lot of work to maintain and run the courses that Long White Cloud Qigong offers, and even more work to create new course material for further courses. In order for us to be able to continue to offer these courses, we need to create a better balance between the giving and the receiving for these courses.

So as of now, all of the introductory material and the first two weeks of each course can be accessed openly. If you would like to proceed beyond the 2nd week you will need to email us for the passwords for week 3 and beyond. Of course people in one of the certification groups will receive the passwords automatically, but if you would otherwise like to follow the course without joining one of the certification groups you may – but you will be asked to make a donation of some type to support the work. The amount will be completely up to you, so the courses are still GFRF, but we hope that this little change will help to create the balance that we need between the giving and receiving so that we can sustainably offer these courses.

John Munro

Founder – Long White Cloud Qigong

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