Maybe tests aren’t so bad

Many people get nervous about tests, but… they are all part of the learning process. A valuable chance to check your knowledge and skill, identify weaknesses, and find out how to correct them.

I recently received the following from a student who has completed some tests with Long White Cloud Qigong:

Taking an exam with John Munro: an inspiring experience

I have had the pleasure to take two different exams with John, one “live” one, the Level One Certification and one by Skype, the Qigong Walking Unit.

In both cases, especially the first one, I was nervous and I had some thoughts of self doubt: Am I good enough? Did I practice enough? Did I really understand the movements from the videos? These were thoughts that I had encountered in other types of exams where, by definition, you are being assessed if not judged.

My experience with John as a teacher/examiner was so different. The exams started with a talk in which I was able to relax. I remember John opening the Level One Certification Exam by asking: “Do you have any questions?” That allowed me to delve into the things that I was not entirely sure of and explain some of the difficulties with some movements. That is something that I would have thought impossible in other exams because I would have thought that addressing uncertainly and difficulties might have put me into troubled waters. But in those exams with John I was able to be myself.

The exams proceeded with John telling me what he saw and how things could be improved but what was different was the philosophy his exam exemplified. I got the distinct impression that John was there to help me and not so much judge me. He would use sentences such as:

“You know, when you teach some students and they have that kind of difficulty I want to show you a modification…”

So, it was a learning experience for me as well as an exam. John wanted to share his knowledge with me and the exam was one more opportunity for him to do that. 

I think that John gives the exams in the same way he teaches: it is a sharing, an offering, another way to share the joy and value of Qigong.

John, I am very grateful for everything that you have brought into my life with your teaching. Taking exams with you has proven an invaluable way to experience that teaching.

Thank you.

Elisabeth Pomès

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  1. KaZ Akers says:

    John, you are a pleasure to test with. You make it a learning and growth experience.

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