Qigong in Israel – Visit Report

The following is from Louis Hammer, a qigong instructor in Israel:

I want to thank John Munro so much for his program. He has made the learning of Qigong so accessible.

I would never had gone so far with my own personal study and practice without the LongwhitecloudQigong web access to his teaching.  I started teaching after first reaching a level one certification and now have also received the level two teaching certificate.

Luis level 2

At first what was the most important factor for me is that I live in Israel and the only certification system here would  be taught in Hebrew. As an expatriate from America I could only really understand the nuances and fine points in English. I later see that even if I was in an English community this web site is the greatest.   I first started learning just for myself. With John’s motivation, I then started teaching in a local English speaking community center and in a private home in my city of Netanya, Israel. People heard about my classes and now I have interest to start three other classes.

Israel Class One

Some time ago while reading of John’s first tour to parts of the world teaching Qigong I sort of jokingly asked if he would like to make a stop here in Israel on his next planned trip. I had not even started teaching yet at that time and when he said yes, the panic set in.  Oh no! what am I going to do? Who will he teach?  I tried to make contact to a few other Qigong centers in Israel. The ones that taught in Hebrew. I never did make headway. Soon I started my own classes and we decided to have one special workshop and combine my two classes together for the special event. Well that took care of one day of his 8 days in Israel. I still felt a bit scared that John would feel like he might have made a mistake coming all the way here for one class.


As we talked about his expectations I learned what was important to him. It was to experience a new country. We planned a trip to see what Israel had to offer in the way of people, nature, history and spiritual Qi.

Looking back, it couldn’t have been better in my mind. In addition to the one workshop which was well attended John joined our family at our Passover Seder meal. He is now part of the family.  It was great to all be together

20170407_16281520170405_17025920170409_13254220170408_092502We  then traveled the country. We tuned into the Qi as we travel the countryside. I was so honored to learn firsthand how to experience qi while standing on the stones of the Megiddo archeological site where 24 civilizations were build one on top of each other over history.   Watched people get baptized in the Jordan River.  Walked the Stages of the Cross in Jerusalem. Seen religious sites like the Dome of the Rock and the Western Wall also in Jerusalem. Saw Roman ruins and Crusader’s stone walls. We felt the sounds of history every day.  Not only did we feel the energy at sea level on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea but also went to the lowest point on earth, The Dead Sea. We stood on pure salt, we stood on high cliffs, we stood on sand, we stood on volcanic rock and we stood on limestone.  In between all this I am so thankful to have experienced just a glimpse of how John is able to tune into the different elements either human, organic, spiritual or otherwise. I even watched him teach a group at one of the locations we stayed at in the desert and how they left changed after just one session. On top of all this, both my wife Debby and I learned what it means to be a humble and caring human being just by traveling and observing John Munro. What an experience. I cannot thank him enough.


This all gave me a sense of pride to have been able to host John. It has kindled an already lit flame to further my own study of Qigong through the LongwhitecloudQigong site. More importantly it has given me the confidence that I have the tools even at my level of understanding to help others learn more about the benefits of Qigong.

Israel Lunch

Thanks John for our friendship, your visit and your motivation. Hope to see you soon again if not just your next video.

Louis Hammer

Netanya, Israel

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