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The following comments are from Linda, who recently completed several of the Long White Cloud Qigong online courses.

I made up my mind that I wanted to study Qigong. I started searching locally, but I couldn’t find anybody teaching in my town. I started searching online. I found several offers but I chose with owner and instructor John Munro.

What helped me to make to chose John Munro and his website?

From the very beginning I found the website very user friendly no matter which page I entered from. All the information and lectures are in a highly logical order. Everything is explained in writing and demonstrated by videos. It is very easy to understand and to follow his instructions.

It didn’t take long to realise that John Munro lives every word he says and teaches. His passion is Qigong. I must say he very humble and I truly would like to discover more about the real extent of his knowledge.

I started learning by myself in August 2016 and it was good. But I got real acceleration when the courses were offered not only to individuals, but being a part of a group. There were weekly videos from John and also weekly ‘questions and answers’ that was shared with everyone within the group. This gave an extra element of learning. Whenever I had a private question, John replied me within hours. I really felt like I was being looked after.

I completed 3 courses within 12 weeks and I gained huge benefits. These courses were Qigong Foundation Practices, Between Heaven and Earth, Qigong Walking.

I learnt a great deal about Qigong and the philosophy of Qigong. I found that John’s Books that he wrote were extremely helpful and it is something I will keep revisiting.

I learnt all of the exercises.

One of my main reasons were wanting to learn Qigong was self healing. I had a lot of healing during the 12 weeks. I have a lot less pain today and I am a lot more flexible.

My interest in Qigong is greatly increased and I am looking forward to continuing on this path.

Many thanks to John Munro, keep up the amazing work!

Linda Knight
Nutrition Consultant

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