Between Heaven and Earth – New Book Available!

Yes another one! I am hoping to write several new books over the coming months and years to offer further insights and act as a companion to practice for many of the different wonderful qigong practices available through Long White Cloud Qigong.  This one is about the ‘Between Heaven and Earth’ practices which activate the extraordinary meridians and activate the energy fields.

The movements in this set of exercises are very simply, but energetically very powerful. I regularly get feedback from around the world about how much people enjoy these exercises and what a difference they have made in their lives.

You can find both the hard copy and digital edition of this book on Amazon here:

Between Heaven and Earth Front Cover small

This is a video of the practices below:

I hope you enjoy the book if you choose to check it out. It would also be really awesome if you could leave a review on after you have read it! 🙂

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2 Responses to Between Heaven and Earth – New Book Available!

  1. Graham Barford says:

    Great book, loving it. Between Heaven and Earth is my favourite section with Enter The Flow and this book is just what I wanted. And thankfully the cover hasn’t got the same colour scheme as Waking The Qi!!

    Seriously appreciate your efforts both online and in books. Please keep it up, we need more. Review left in (49er).


    • admin says:

      Thanks Graham! I appreciate the review 🙂 There are more books planned, including one on Enter the Flow that will add some more relevant details and perspectives on these practices. I am excited to make these books available to help people have a clearer practical understanding of qigong practice.

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