A Perspective of Teaching Qigong for One Year

— The following is from Clayton Crosley, a qigong instructor in Savannah, Georgia, USA

Wow I can’t believe it has been a year since I started teaching Qigong! I had always had a vision of what I was going to do once I had been certified through the free online programs offered at Long White Cloud Qigong. I did not know all the details at the time but I thought I would figure it out as I went along.

I am a Veteran of the US Army and I thought that I would try to get the Veteran’s Administration Hospital to allow me to offer Qigong to interested Veterans. After a long process of being vetted and gaining the support of some influential Doctors who pushed the process along I was allowed to teach on a volunteer basis at the Savannah and Hinesville Georgia VA clinics. I will tell you at first there was not much of a response two people would show up and the following week there wouldn’t be any participants. It took several months to build up a core group of Veterans who were committed to improving their lives. Slowly but surely everything fell into place.

Many of the students who come to the class are referred by a health professional. There are a wide range of reasons for the referrals. The most common reasons are mobility issues, joint pain, back pain, pain management, anxiety and PTSD.

Now here is the amazing part of my teaching experience, no matter what the underlying condition that brought the students to the class the result was that all of them improved. I am not talking about small improvements I am talking about monumental improvements. Granted these results didn’t happen overnight. All of the people who benefited did so as an accumulation of the Qigong exercises. Regardless of the person’s medical condition all have seen an improvement. Students with limited range of motion saw an increase in their range and flexibility. People suffering from PTSD felt a sense of calm and had more restful sleep. Participants with joint and back pain saw their pain diminish and their flexibility improve. Anxious students gained a sense of peace and a feeling of being centered. Several of my students have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s, their tremors subsided while doing the exercises and their chronic fatigue dissipated.

It is not a coincidence that a wide range of chronic illnesses all reaped a benefit from performing and embracing the Qigong practices. The mindful intent, energy awareness, correct posture, rhythmic breathing and gentle moving meditation of the exercises have a powerful positive impact on their wellbeing. These exercises seem to work on a cellular level and correct many ailments in the process. These are real remedies for illness and a way forward to renewed health and vitality. Most of my students are well in to their 60’s and they all share one common thread, they show up and focus on the Qigong and don’t worry about the results. The results just happen! I know it sounds a bit magical but it is true.

I would not be able to share this with you if it wasn’t for the complete support given to me be John Munro. He has made Qigong accessible to anyone who has an interest. He not only provided the support and guidance necessary to complete the online certification, he also took the time to visit the US and see firsthand what he has helped establish. John also provided me with intensive workshop training while he was visiting Savannah which helped to deepen my understanding and enhance my own personal practice. John has my deepest admiration and most heartfelt gratitude. I can say unequivocally that this has been one of the most rewarding pursuits I have even undertaken. It is worth the effort time and personal sacrifice to share Qigong with others and help better their lives.


Clayton Crosley

Savannah Georgia USA

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9 Responses to A Perspective of Teaching Qigong for One Year

  1. Sarah McMullen says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this! It is one of my dreams to volunteer at the VA center near me in the Los Angeles area once I get certification. It is so encouraging to hear of your results.
    Currently I am already practicing on senior citizens who are friends– just to share the magic. Do you mind me asking how many days a week you worked with the group at the VA?

  2. Clayton Crosley says:

    I am spending an hour once a week with each group. The reason is that space is limited. I will give you a little direction in establishing your own group because it isn’t easy. Approach Boluntary Services with your proposal first. The staff are very helpful and will be your advocate in making this happen. There are several hoops to jump through to get it going but it is so worth it. Teaching has been such a rewarding experience for me personally.

  3. Benny Kennedy says:

    Thank you for sharing this Clayton. John speaks highly of you and I hope we get the chance to work on qigong together in the coming year.

    • Clayton Crosley says:

      I look forward to seeing you some time too Benny. Let us keep in touch! Congratulations with your Long White Cloud Kung Fu achievements too!

  4. Sarah McMullen says:

    Thanks so much for the information Clayton. If you would like to send me more specifics on how to work with the VA I would appreciate it! Here is my email: smcmullen44@gmail.com

    • Clayton Crosley says:

      Sarah, will send you an email and I hope you are successful in establishing your own program too!

  5. Helen jucevic says:

    Hi Clayton
    Thankyou for sharing your story. I hope to meet you one day . It is amazing how much the qigong can calm the body , mind and spirit . ✨🌀✨ What a blessing that you can bring it to these people.
    I find it can bring a sense of clarity and calm that is like being in a lightening storm and at the same time holding a purring kitten.
    Ashland Oregon

  6. lrivera0517 says:

    This is the direction I am going in as well, and love how timely it is. I also lived in Georgia for close to 6 years, so I am thrilled to hear this is going on down there. Clayton I will look you up on facebook as I would love to connect further.

  7. Clayton Crosley says:

    Thanks Helen! It certainly does allow one to be present calm and energized all simultaneously. It sounds a bit contrary being relaxed and energized but it is in my experience this way. All the best to you in your endeavors.

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