New Online Course – Wild Animal Play!

There is a new online Qigong course now available – Wild Animal Play!

This course looks at animal inspired qigong movements based on the Tiger, Snake, Crane, Leopard, and Dragon. Each of these animals has different characteristics that can stimulate our energy in different ways to help us break out of unhealthy patterns and become balanced and strong.

The course also gives insights into how you can analyse movements to understand what they stimulate in the body and in particular looks at the relationship between the animal movements and the five animals.

This course has quite a different flavour to some of the other qigong courses you may have done because it focuses more on development of yang energy, the sympathetic nervous system and the external physical body. It is important to your overall health and development to have balance between yin and yang, and these practices can be a great way to build up your yang to balance the yin you have developed if you have practiced other types of  qigong for awhile.

You can check out the new course here:

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2 Responses to New Online Course – Wild Animal Play!

  1. Tomas says:

    Hey, this is great! A good way to start the new year!

  2. Kimberly DesChamp says:

    Thanks, John, this sounds fun and interesting!

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