Workshop Comments – Brighton

We recorded a few clips of peoples thoughts after our recent workshops in Brighton (Shoreham by the Sea). Thanks Natalie for the suggestion! It was a great way to capture some of those comments without it being a fuss.

Thanks to everyone who came and particpated, we had a great time!

There are also some written comments below:

Written comments:

“John’s two day Qi Gong workshop was fantastic.  For those interested in Meridian and Organ Theory and Practice, the Healing Aspects of Qi Gong and all the Practice Sequences, very intelligently and skilfully presented with great balance between the subjects, this course highly recommended. I have to say, I learnt more in two days, that I have done in many years with other schools or teachers. John is one of those rare teachers, where one can completely feel his generosity, deep passion, stillness and knowledge as well as the undeniable evidence of his practice which flows seamsessly through his being and his teaching.  A class act. Thank you John.  I’ve signed up for the duration!”

  • Mohini

“If you are unsure whether to participate in one of the seminars/workshops, all I can say is please do – it is amazing how much this practice offers you in terms of wellness and I’ve only been doing it for 3 days! The workshop itself is just fantastic – working with a group of like minded people helps to build positive energy, and John has such a wealth of knowledge that he shares without hesitation. I have been doing the 12 rivers form first thing in the morning following the video on the website in my garden, and as a result I have more energy, sleeping better (this is the first time EVER I have been wide awake and ready to go between 5.30 – 6am) and feel an inner calmness I have never felt before. It has also made me feel more mindful of my day to day activities. The funny thing is all of this is happening naturally – I havent had to think about it or ‘work’ on achieving these feelings. Thank you so much John, I will be the first in the queue to see you again when you return to the UK! :-)”

  • Kirsty



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