North America Workshop Report and Photos!

Well my time in the USA is almost over, at least for this trip… I am off to South America in a couple of days to teach some more qigong workshops in Columbia.  So I think it is time for a report on my workshops and travels till this point.

Over the last two months I have driven 10,000 miles zigzagging my way across North America.  I have presented 18 qigong workshops in eight different cities including topics such as practices for the organ meridians, extraordinary meridians, breath development, qigong walking, and I even managed to fit some kung fu in as well.

It has been great meeting both established qigong practitioners and instructors and students whose first experience with qigong was at the workshops.  It has been wonderful hearing the positive experiences people have had practicing Long White Cloud Qigong, gaining relief from pains and ailments and adding inspiration and energy to their lives. Meeting with students who I have previously only interacted with via the internet has been great, and there was even the opportunity for two students to complete their level one instructor tests in person rather than via video, which was very nice.

Some feedback has included just how insightful, well structured, and informative students have found both the online training materials and the live workshops to be, especially compared to other courses and workshops that students have participated in. Other feedback from students has been that they were surprised at how friendly, funny, engaging and approachable I am in person and they would like for this to come across better on the website.  There are some cosmetic things that can be done on the website to help with this (one suggestion was a different photo of me, apparently the current one looks a bit serious… I will look into this when I am back in New Zealand). In addition to this on reflection I think it would also be really useful to have a more extensive and visible testimonial/reference section on the website.  I am not usually one to blow my own trumpet much, but it may be valuable for prospective students to hear about other’s experiences learning with Long White Cloud Qigong and myself.  So I have a request, for anyone who feels so inclined to write a reference/testimonial including anything that really stood out to you about any of the following:

  1. Using the online training materials
  2. Attending workshops
  3. Interacting with me personally

I would really appreciate that, and it might help some other people started on their path of qigong learning and practice.  The passion that students have spoken with as they have described the benefits they have received and the changes in their lives from practicing qigong has really touched me. I wonder if any of you would be willing to also record a short video of yourself talking about these things? As I think sometimes that passion is conveyed better via video than in written form.

Another unexpected highlight of my travels has been some truly special experiences interacting with the earth’s energy along my journey. I have written about a couple of these on this blog, and there have been many more as I have explored the different terrains and environments of North America that I have not written about. This has led to some interesting new insights for myself regarding working with the earth’s energy which I look forward to exploring further as I continue my travels and teaching around the planet.

I didn’t manage to get photos of all the workshops and participants, but below are at least some of them 🙂

I look forward to keeping in touch with many of you online as you continue on your qigong journey, and hope there will be opportunities to meet in person again as well.


John Munro

Long White Cloud Qigong


(You can click on photos to see a larger image)

Oregon 1 2106

Oregon Qigong Walking 2016

Austin Aikikai

Port Clinton



New York Workshop

VA Savannah

Savannah Breathing Workshop

Palm Coast Workshop 1

Palm Coast Workshop 2

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