Vortexes in Sedona

In my travels I had the opportunity to pass through Sedona, Arizona.  It is a really interesting area with lots of art and beautiful red rock formations in the desert.

I had long heard about the earth energy vortexes in Sedona and thought that this was an opportunity not to be missed as I was going to be passing so close anyway.

With a little bit of research I found a map and some other information to help me locate the vortexes. I was amazed at how noticeable the spinning and swirling energy was to me at the first vortex I visited. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but thought that if I noticed anything it would be much more subtle than what I experienced.  While there I took the opportunity to practice some qigong in the vortex.  I just did a little Between Heaven and Earth, and some standing post. Tapping into the energy in this was helped me to internalize it and gain a better sense of the remarkable earth energy in this area.  The effect was long lasting…


As I went and visited three more vortexes over the course of the day I took the opportunity to do some qigong at each of the sites, and each time it gave me a greater sense and appreciation of the energy present. I was surprised at how different the character of the energy was as each of the vortex sites, and practicing qigong there helped me to understand it better.

Practicing at vortex sites is one profound example of tapping into environmental qi, but this is available to us in a way wherever we may practice.  If you choose to practice by the ocean, the energy will be different than if you choose to practice in a forrest, which will be different to if you choose to practice in an open field, which will be different to if you practice indoors.  As your sensitivity develops you will be able to feel and not just intellectualize the different character of the energy in each of these different settings, and also sense the different effects these have on your body, mind and energy.

Starting to become aware of these different types of enviromental energies is something we explore a little in the ‘Mysterious Qi’ course, but you can play with this anytime you feel like having a new qigong experience – try practicing qigong in a new environment!

Anyway – that is my little qigong thought for the moment.  If any of you have had the chance to visit the vortexes in Sedona I would love to hear about your experience there. Also if you have had any other interesting experiences experimenting with environment energies that you wanted to share, that would be cool too!


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