Online Qigong Training – Testimonial

Earlier this week I received this lovely message about the Long White Cloud Qigong online training courses, so I thought I would share:


 I have been wanting to learn qigong for years but have never been able to find a course nearby so you can imagine my delight when I stumbled upon LongWhiteCloud. It was a dream come true. I absolutely loved that it was a comprehensive course, easy to understand and follow, well structured and that I could do it from the comfort of my own home.

The materials were well put together, easy to comprehend and follow and I loved that it was video based as I am very visual and that’s how I learn best. The videos are short, concise and It was very useful to be able to hit the rewind button so I could perfect the technique etc ensuring that I never missed any important information. I enjoyed the course because it fitted into my schedule and I had no trudging back and forwards to college.

I have practiced yoga for many years and seen the benefits so was curious to see how I would feel doing gigong and whether it was really for me. It certainly is. I’ve found that it has improved my focus, concentration, flexibility and coordination. I absolutely that I can take it anywhere whether that’s in the stable yard, on the land, on the moors or by the lake. The fact that I can practice it in fresh air instead of a room has made me feel so much more energized and creative.

I would thoroughly recommend this course to everyone. John is an amazing teacher who really cares about his students. He always answers my emails promptly and is thorough in his teaching. I’m about to move onto my Level one instructors course now and am looking forward to it as well as starting up my new venture instructing others in qigong.  I’d like to say thank you John for your time putting the courses together and all your valuable input that has helped make my learning journey fun and enjoyable

Melanie J Molloy – Shropshire, England

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