New Course – Movement In Stillness

There is a new course available on the website.  It is titled ‘Movement In Stillness’ and provides and introduction to Zhan Zhuang or ‘Post Standing’ qigong practice.  In these exercises we hold postures where we are externally still, but we encourage the internal movement of energy (hence the name ‘Movement In Stillness’).  These practices are simple but challenging.  Anyone can practice them, but they are probably more suited to intermediate to advanced qigong  students than beginners.

You can check the course out here:

I have also done something a bit different with the videos in this course.  I have added some animated illustrations to some of the videos to help show what you are focusing on as you practice.  I was of two minds about doing this, as in qigong practice you really need to focus on what is actually happening in and around you and a drawing never fully accurately shows reality, but I think that as a guide to help give the general idea of what you are doing, it will be useful.  Anyway, you can check it out here.

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