Student Feedback

I received some more nice feedback this past week from a student who has been using the Long White Cloud Qigong online courses.  He has said that I can share it with you here as it may help others to commit to establishing a regular practice using the courses.

Feedback below:

Hi John!

First of all, thank you from offering your online courses! I finished the course in December, and now I’ve been solidifying my practice. I feel now that without your courses, I couldn’t be practicing qigong in a proper way. I have a background in astanga vinyasa yoga, almost ten years now, and my standards are quite high when it comes to teaching different practices that involve handling our energy body.

I enjoyed your course immensely. It was very well organized and the materials were easy to follow. I especially liked the way how the course advanced in a slow pace, but still contained the essential depth right from the beginning.

Of course, doing online courses requires the ability to guide oneself more than participating on a traditional course, but I find this too to be a benefit and not a lack: in this way you have to take more responsibility of your practice right from the beginning.

My main reason for wanting to learn qigong was that I wanted to find a new practice for myself that enhances the functioning of my body/energy body. (The yoga practices I’ve been doing haven’t felt quite right for me for some time now.)  I now feel that through your courses I’ve found what I was looking for, and I’m really grateful of that.

So, I want to send you a heartfelt thank you. I’m already looking forward to take your other courses too. 

(By the way, I’m also impressed by your courage to offer many of your services on a give freely, receive freely basis. I hope it goes well and that people are aware enough to understand the core of the principle.)

All the best,

-Tomas Friman

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