Transformation After Ten Weeks Of Qigong

6 October 2014

Well I suppose a brief introduction would be in order before I begin to share my transformation arising from the Qi Gong online course I have been participating in. My name is Clayton Crosley and I reside in Savannah GA USA. I am in excellent physical health and have had previous Kung Fu training (20 years ago) in an external system (Hung Gar). I am also a ten year veteran of the US Army Infantry.

I had been looking for a program to help me with some physical therapy after having a surgery on my right shoulder. I found Long White Cloud and was ecstatic to discover their online program Between Heaven and Earth (BH & E) and the Qi Gong Foundation Practice. I cannot overstate how comprehensive and informative this course is especially when using the book to supplement the program.

I am currently just starting week ten of both programs. I have diligently followed all of the videos and helpful guidance that John Munro has provided me along my journey. I have had the most remarkable results. I had the shoulder surgery three months prior to beginning the online course. The Doctor’s physical therapy program did not give me much relief and my range of motion was nearly nonexistent and left me frustrated. Performing all of the exercises has improved my strength and the range of motion in ways I didn’t realize were even possible. On a follow up visit to the doctor he was impressed with the progress of my strength and range of motion that were visible. So impressed I don’t have a return visit for a year.

I have also gained an insight to my body that I never had before. It all started with the breathing techniques that were taught to me. Sounds so simple right? It really was. Once I had the correct breathing techniques incorporated many areas of my day to day life changed drastically. I had more energy right away which I attribute to the oxygen circulating in the body in the manner it was supposed to. The breathing is different from what most of us have known for all of our life.

The course teaches you awareness on many areas. Mindfulness of your body and mind. How the Qi interacts with your body and changes you. I am now more present in my own skin. I can feel the energy flowing around to the various extremities and circulating throughout. It is a warming and cleansing sensation that I look forward to when I practice. It recharges and invigorates me. I have also found that I have settled my hyperactive mind by cultivating a relaxed sense of calm. I am able to carry it with me throughout the entire day. In that way it has made my mental state more focused and clear. It is a huge transformation for me because I was always on the go and racing mentally which is exhausting.

The biggest changes for me have been two physical ones. In addition to the shoulder surgery I had to have half of my thyroid gland taken out in January 2014 to see if a growth was cancerous. Thankfully it wasn’t. I was prescribed Synthroid as a medication to regulate my thyroid levels. There were side effects to the medicine which I disliked but I continued to take the dosage as prescribed. I just had my annual physical exam with the Veterans Administration and my thyroid levels are normal as if they didn’t remove half of it. My doctor couldn’t explain it and has taken me off the medication. I did not change my diet or any other components of my life. My only change was doing the Qi Gong regularly. I emphatically believe that is the reason. It has balanced out a physical issue by the stimulation of the organs and major meridians.

The second physical change for me has been even more significant and has impacted me on a level that is hard to relate to you in words. I suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) stemming from childhood trauma and some military experiences. I have had restless sleep and recurring nightmares my entire adult life. I had done several types of cognitive therapy (Neurolinguistic Programming aka NLP, Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing aka EMDR) which were beneficial but sleep was always affected and never righted itself.

Since I have been doing the course incorporating some meditation and mindful intent of directing the Qi I am more relaxed and I have been able to calm myself and just be OK with the silent stillness as a result. It has also improved my sleep and I seldom have the disturbing nightmares that were so disruptive. I know that some people will have disbelief but I promise you that this has been my experience. Even my wife says she can see a fundamental difference in me (one that I couldn’t see).

I have gained a plethora of insight and knowledge of myself that I never would have attained if not for John and his Qi Gong course. I really had an awakening, especially when the course addressed postures related to emotions. My postures were tight closed and negative. Now my postures are open warm accepting and positive. It was a phenomenal event for me and I feel truly blessed to be able to share my experiences. I truly believe that the practicing has changed me on a cellular level where my energy and physical conditions improved and that the spirituality has lessened emotional burdens I carried and finally it has changed me mentally by quieting the angst that was ever-present.

I plan on taking what I have learned and sharing it with other veterans who have similar issues or who just want to feel better mentally physically and spiritually. My life has been so enriched by having access to the knowledge and wisdom made available to me. It has transformed me and continues to do so on a daily basis. I have great anticipation in continuing the Qi Gong and also taking the other courses Long White Cloud offers online. A huge thank you and my deepest gratitude to John Munro the founder and author of this program.

– Clayton Crosley

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