My Journey With Qigong

The following was written by Gordon Bodell about his experience with qigong and the Long White Cloud Qigong home study courses.

It is interesting how when you are not looking ,  what you need finds you.  As it was with Qigong and me.  The simplicity of the movements intrigued me, the movements suited my level of enthusiasm for exercising, I mean hell how hard can it be, you breathe in and out and move.    I do that pretty much all day anyway.

If only it was that simple, but in a funny way it is just that simple.  We do all breathe, just incorrectly.  We all move at least at some stage of the day.  But, we move without focus or awareness like the ball in a pinball machine just reacting to whatever flicks us around.

And so my journey with qigong started, I started to breathe, for the first time in my life I truly started to breathe.  I started to move, in controlled focused moves.  Learning to experience the interaction of my body with the space it fills in the universe.

Yes I know that’s a bit of a bomb shell things were going along nice and breezy and now ‘I’m experiencing the interaction of my body with the space it fills in the universe’ Shit how did that happen.  It happened easily and gradually, I simply followed the Long White Cloud Qigong home study programme.  An amazing programme that has been developed by a passionate instructor who has a wealth of knowledge to share with the world.

Many years ago I heard the statement that ‘if you do not go within you go without. ‘   Qigong has been the vehicle for me to truly begin to understand that statement.

I am now a qualified instructor working from my retreat in Tauranga and in a small way helping John share qigong with the rest of New Zealand.

I have already begun to see the changes in my students, weight loss, increased flexibility, and an increase in energy levels,  Are being archieved, by simply following the Long White Cloud Qigong programme.

Thankyou  John.


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