Workshop Dates For 2012 – First Quarter Finalised

Workshop dates for the first few months of 2012 are now up on the website under Calendar.

There are workshops on the following topics scheduled:

  • Qigong Foundation Practices – All the basics you need to know to begin your qigong practice and a set of twelve exercises, one for each of the main meridians and organs in the body.
  • Release the Power of Your Breath – Gain a comprehensive understanding of your breathing and how to breathe in a natural way.  Learn the secrets of breathing for relaxation, mental focus, physical activity and energy awareness.
  • Qigong Theory and Practice – Gain a practical understanding of concepts such as Meridians, Dantien, Energy Centres and Energy Fields and how they apply to qigong Practice.
  • Qigong Meditations – Introduction to important concepts in qigong meditation.

You can see the dates and course details here.


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